About Us

We are the oldest family owned hatchery in the United States, est. 1910.

Our Six Company Principles:

1) Integrity is the cornerstone of our company.

2) We are a family owned and operated 4th generation company.

4 generations of Jenks' have helped to make us who we are today.

3) Customer Service is our #1 priority

You are able to talk to the owners and manager, directly.

We will always make it right.

4) Vaccination is included. At no cost to you.

We vaccinate all chicks with a high quality, tri-vectored Marek's Disease and IBD (Infectious Bursal Disease) vaccine.

5) We only sell the highest quality chicks.

To us, quality matters, and we will stand behind anything that we sell. If we can't guarantee quality, then we won't sell it.

6) We serve our customers, regardless of order size.

Whether you need 5 chicks once, 100,000+ chicks per week, or anything in between, we can serve you. Year-round.

Meet the people who operate Jenks Hatchery!

Larry Jenks, President

John Jenks, Vice President

Aaron Jenks, General Manager


Taunya Shelton, AP&AR-Bookkeeping


Francine Vercese, Research and Development, Customer Service


Johana Perez, Customer Service

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