Broad Breasted Bronze

Broad Breasted Bronze


*All dates listed are hatch dates.
Orders are for pickup, on the hatch date.
Expect your order to arrive within 1-3 days after the hatch date.

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Zone 4 • Hatch Dates: January-December 2018*

Minimum order quantity: 5 poults /ducklings, per variety, adding up to a minimum combined order of 20 turkeys and/or ducks to ship, per hatch date.

Introduced from England to Canada in the 1900s, then to the Western US and crossed with US stock. This was the commercial turkey of choice before the Broad Breasted White. Beautiful bird that will reach 20-plus pounds in 20 weeks depending upon diet. Available straight run only.
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  • I was interested in the broad breasted bronze baby turkeys I was wondering how many u have to buy in a order and how much. And how can u tell the males from the females

    Hi there! 

    We have a minimum order of 20 per shipment, to ensure safe shipment. We hatch turkeys and ducks on the same day, so we can combine 10 turkeys with 10 ducks, we just have to ship a box with a minimum of 20 turkeys and or ducks in it, to guarantee that your birds will arrive in the best condition possible!