Bantam Silkie

Bantam Silkie


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Qty Price
1 - 50 $4.12
51 - 100 $3.02
101 - + $2.22

Zone 1 • Hatch Dates: January-June 2018*

Minimum order quantity: 5, when combined with any other varieties, adding up to a total of 25, to ship, per hatch date.

The Bantam Silkie originates from an ancient breed line. Known as a rather unusual variety, the Bantam Silkies are widely regarded for their docile disposition, and attentiveness to their offspring. For this reason, Silkies can set on their own eggs and hatch their own chicks at a very respectable rate. Egg production will range from 90-120 eggs per year. This bird can also be raised for meat production, reaching an average weight of 2.5 lbs in 12 weeks. With black skin, black bones, and very dark meat, this variety is perfectly suited for specialty meat markets. If you are looking for a rather unusual variety, vastly different from our other straight run varieties, try the Bantam Silkie. Sold as straight run only.
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  • What color Silkies do you breed?

    Hi there,

    We currently only offer White Bantam Silkies. They are well suited for specialty market, meat production, or to be raised as a straight run variety. Due to their docile nature, Silkies can be used for a variety of purposes. Thank you for your question!